Meet the Team: Mindi Chahal, Content Editor


What were you doing before you came to Ingenuity as Content Editor?

Senior Writer at Marketing Week for five years.


What does your normal day look like?

There is no normal day on content creation, which is one of the reasons I love being a writer/editor. It ranges from writing about digital transformation to behavioural science, and everything in between. Essentially, I spend my days writing about the things I’m genuinely interested in, for clients that at the forefront of making it happen, but need a little help to get others to realise it.


Who would your 3 ideal dinner party guests be and why?  

Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, I’d like an evening to ask them WTF?!


What’s your all-time favourite marketing campaign and why?

I have a lot of love for P&G’s recent #LoveOverBias campaign, which tackles race, gender, religious, disability, sexual orientation and class bias. It’s an extension of the ‘proud sponsor of mums’ campaign, which in general I’m not a huge fan of as it leaves out the dads, grandparents, siblings, and others that also raise children into decent human beings – perhaps not at an Olympic level. I also love the Cadbury’s drumming Gorilla and the retro ridiculousness of ‘you’ve been tango’d’. However, creativity is evolving so my favourite might be yet to come.


What’s the next big thing you’re excited for this year in terms of marketing? And why?

Fridges that can talk to you…? Not really, I’m looking forward to more bad practises being called out, from the lack of all types of diversity in advertising to general bullshit marketing.


What are three things still left on your bucket list?

I don’t have a bucket list, isn’t that for people who are dying? I would, however, like to hike the Pacific Crest Trail one day, and be able to own a home without waiting for a relative to die, or moving back in with my parents.


Favourite quote?

Nah. – Rosa Parks, 1955



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