6 Jan

Meet the Team: Chris Wilson, Brand Partnerships Director

What were you doing before you came to Ingenuity?


In the years before Ingenuity, I was travelling for 9 months around India and SE Asia. Prior to that, I was at University for 4 years studying business management and marketing. I went to university a bit late, after 2 successful years working in the finance industry in sales departments.  


Who would your 3 ideal dinner party guests be and why?


Sir Alex Ferguson because he is one of the greatest managers to have ever lived. He has the fantastic ability to motivate and get the most out of people, pure inspiration to many, and someone that I truly admire.


Richard Branson – who wouldn’t want to meet him?! The diversity of his empire is so far beyond impressive. The Virgin brand makes millions feel loyal! I’d love to pick his brains!


Idris Elba – he’s an all-round top bloke, loves his fashion, his music. I reckon we’d get along!


What’s your all-time favourite marketing campaign and why?


This Girl Can, Sport England, credit: FCB Inferno


The entire campaign is so powerful. It makes people smell the grass underneath your feet or the cold rain in your face. Ultimately, it makes you want to grab your kit and get involved. Something that we as a nation, struggle to do sometimes.


If you were a specialist in one sector, what would it be and why?


Brand partnership marketing or Sports sponsorship. Both marketing regimes are now widely regarded as marketing channels. Particularly partnerships, where I see a fantastic future for brands and consumers alike. Creating unique, engaging experiences for consumers where two brands collaborate really excites me!  


My work enables me to partner two brands work with one another to co-create amazing experiences for loyal consumers.


Whereas, sponsorship marketing is evolving by the day; new entrants, increased investment and the growing influence of digital have all effected how we watch and attend the sports we love.


What’s the next big thing you’re excited for in 2017 in terms of marketing? And why?


The increasing development of VR. A well talked about trend I know, but, imagine, watching a Man Utd game at home via your Oculus Rift set, or if you or a family member cannot go to a Festival because to illness yet you can still experience your favourite band without being physically there.


The opportunities are endless.



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