23 Sep

Meet the team: Edd Weller, Brand Partnerships Director at Ingenuity

Meet Edd Weller, Brand Partnerships Director at Ingenuity. 

Edd has spent 1,196 days at Ingenuity, and we even promoted him along the way! 

1. How would you describe Ingenuity in just three words? Fast, fun and educational.

2. What has been a standout moment work-wise for you whilst working here? Running the Terrace Stage at The Cannes Lions 2018, meeting the most senior figures in the industry, and I even got a microphone!

3. What social or company party has been your fave and why? Too many to choose from, but our pop-up funfair at the Cricket Club was a definite highlight – sumo suits and a bouncy castle always make for a great day out!

4. What book or podcast would be number one on your recommended list and why? The Outvertising Podcast, but I would say that since I volunteer as their Commercial Director

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working? I can usually be found at a climbing wall, at an Outvertising or industry social, yoga-ing in the living room, or under my classic car. Failing that, the pub is the hub!

6. Who would be your three ideal dinner party guests and why? I’ll stick with the living to improve our enjoyment of the food so; Ghislane Maxwell so we know where she is, Prince Philip for the banter and Rishi Sunak can pick up the bill!