1 Sep

Meet The Team: Kirsty Moore

Meet Kirsty Moore, who has spent 748 days at Ingenuity as Finance Assistant in the Finance team.

1. How would you describe Ingenuity in just three words?

Thriving, friendly, progressing.

2. What has been a standout moment work-wise for you whilst working here?

Alongside my actual role, being part of some of the internal initiatives, like the diversity and inclusion team, book club and the mental health team have been really rewarding. 

3. What social or company party has been your fave and why?

Our roaring 20’s themed Christmas party in 2019, as it’s probably the only in-person social I’ve been able to go to (thanks Covid!). I also really enjoyed the online company quiz “Through the Ingenuity Keyhole”, where we got to learn a bit more about our colleagues. 

4. What book or podcast would be number one on your recommended list and why?

Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez. An eye-opening book that I recommend to everyone. It explores gender data bias in everyday life and covers a huge range of areas, from why most offices are five degrees too cold for women and why women in the UK are 50% more likely to be misdiagnosed after a heart attack. It’s a must read for both men and women!

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Exercising – weights are becoming my favourite at the moment, watching films, eating out and spending time in green spaces or by the sea.

6. Who would be your three ideal dinner party guests and why?

  • Guy Garvey from Elbow, as he has a beautiful voice and always seems like a really nice guy – ideally he’d provide some musical entertainment as well. 
  • Anna Whitehouse, radio presenter, author and founder of Flex Appeal. She has been campaigning for flexible working to become the norm years before the pandemic proved it was a viable and sustainable option.
  • My Dad, as he lives in the US and, like many people I haven’t seen him for over a year and half due to the pandemic.