7 Jun

Meet the team: Oli Slattery, Lead Gen Senior Account Director at Ingenuity

Meet Oli Slattery, Senior Account Director on the Lead Gen team. 

Oli has spent THOUSANDS of days at Ingenuity…and has recently been promoted to Senior Account Director on the Lead Gen team.

1. How would you describe Ingenuity in just three words?

Yippee ki yay 

2. What has been a standout moment work-wise for you whilst working here?  

Genuinely can’t answer. There are countless. Working here is good fun! 

3. What social or company party has been your fave and why?

Christmas ’19. Recovered yesterday.  

4. What book or podcast would be number one on your recommended list and why?

Beyond Possible. Biography of former Gurkha Nims Purja, the first man ever to summit all 8000m ‘Death Zone’ peaks in less than 7 months. Impossible to put down and you will never complain about anything again. ‘Again’ meaning a week (which is forever). 

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Swimming in the lakes, throwing coin at food markets, growing herbs and veg, warm baths with all the trimmings, letting my toddler use my face as a stepladder.  

6. Who would be your three ideal dinner party guests and why?

Impossible to answer, but this week lets go for Gengis Khan, Ray Harryhausen and Roald Dahl.

– Gengis Conquered half the world. What a lunatic. Would love to get inside his head and chat strategy (would need to brush up on my Mongol though).

– Ray was the man that bought monster and supernatural magic to life on the big screen through stop-start animation (think Jason and the argonauts, clash of the titans etc).

– Roald Dahl was one of the truly great creatives to have ever lived – his storytelling is timeless and utterly charming. Shame about some of his other views but can’t win them all.