22 Sep

Trendswatch | New Business Insight From The Past Week

Last week we saw the arrival of 37 new emojis, including a salute gesture and a melting face. We also witnessed a surprising new Twitter war between Nicki Minaj, Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty – something we definitely didn’t predict for our 2021 bingo cards!  

In terms of trends, today I will be talking cleaning apps, autonomous deliveries and EdTech platforms.  

Cleaning apps 

Now we’re back in the office, keeping on top of our homes may prove harder than when we were spending most of our time indoors. But worry not, as there is now a plethora of cleaning apps that can help us tackle this. From Spotless and Clean My House to Home Routines – there’s another new one on the block… introducing Batmaid! 

Last week Batmaid, the cleaning service that lets users hire preselected cleaners, announced that not only has it secured a whopping $23 million, but that it’s also coming to London!  

The company already runs across Europe, in cities such as Paris and Milan, where it’s planning to accelerate its activities with a Batmaid Club and Batmaid Dry Cleaning services.  

Given that we live in a world where Deliveroo reigns supreme and on-demand services continue to go from strength to strength, I predict there will be many more instant cleaning services appearing over the next few years as brands try to keep up with consumer expectations.   

Autonomous deliveries 

Last Tuesday came the news came that Wilko has invested £3m in an autonomous delivery company, that aims to be completely driverless by as early as 2023!  

Named Streetdrone, these autonomous vehicles will be controlled by remote operators via e-video and wireless technology.  

The autonomous driving sector has been taking shape over the past few years, with the likes of DeepRoute.ai, a Chinese autonomous driving start-up, having just secured $300 million. Elon Musk has also claimed he hopes to soon be operating a fleet of robotaxis that will become part of the landscape of city life. 

However, with sustainability such a huge topic right now, the idea of adding even more vehicles to the roads has led to some fierce debates, as leading environmental experts have said we should be focusing on getting cars off the roads rather than adding new models…  

 EdTech platforms  

Last week was all about the EdTech platforms. On Thursday came the news that Tutorful, a Sheffield based EdTech platform, had received £3M funding, and this was followed by London’s MyTutor secured £15M. So, all in all, a big week for online tutors!  

But is EdTech going to dramatically change the future of teaching? Well, as we all know, the pandemic has radically shifted how teaching is done anyway, as teachers took a hybrid approach to online classes.  

Experts in the education sector believe that we are going to see a huge increase in EdTech services, with a focus on personalised learning experiences.  

Algorithms are only becoming more powerful, and this means that online education can be tailored to each individual student.  

There is also talk of going beyond just simple academic knowledge. With EdTech applications that help students also pursue their passions, for example in music, or the arts.  

Overall, the EdTech sector is booming and worth keeping an eye on! 

Come back next week for further trends and insights 😊