10 Jan

Welcome to Insight!

Ingenuity’s new Insight product gives you fast online access to vital brand challenges, interviews and insight to inform your new business approach. No more guesswork.

Through Ingenuity’s brand services we hear daily from a vast number of clients about their marketing challenges and how they hope agency partners can tackle them.

We therefore have a wealth of business insight – based on first-hand information from relevant potential clients – about how new business teams can approach prospects with more relevance.

Our unique Insight product gives you a fast online access to exclusive brand intel, to help shape your new business approaches. Cut the guess work and learn what brands really want from an agency, do’s and don’ts when approaching brand marketers and who’s who in the brand marketing world.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect!

Brand Interviews

Regular video interviews with client marketers discussing their sector and individual challenges, how suppliers could potentially help them tackle those challenges and how best to get their attention if you are an agency or tech business. Gold dust for any new business team!

Ingenuity Intel

Ingenuity see hundreds of clients briefs every year. We hear about their challenges, agency preferences and business objectives. With this information, we produce bitesize trend pieces unveiling hidden insights for new business teams to use in their outbound and marketing efforts.

Real-Time Opportunities

A daily feed of potential business opportunities for agency and tech businesses. These are not stories of brands reviewing suppliers (always old news!) or headline news, etc. These are selected brand stories that we believe hold huge potential for you to shape an approach for your business.

The Remit

This info is just priceless – it’s a daily feed of brands that are looking to recruit new marketing roles, but more importantly what those roles will entail.

With this information you can predict brands’ business objectives and then approach individuals with more relevance knowing exactly what their remits are.

New Role Appointments

An archive of recent marketing related appointments at brands including names and email format.

Account Wins

An archive of all account wins and pitch processes taking place across the industry. This will be broken down by discipline.