Ingenuity works with brands helping them find agencies for their marketing requirements. This means we know what brands want from agencies. Our workshops use this insight to help agencies be as attractive & effective as they possibly can be.

How they work

Our growth workshops are typically half day or full day sessions.

A 3-step approach that combines market intelligence, agency deep dive and a collaborative working sessions. Each workshop works towards an output that could include either a product, plan or completely new strategy.

Our team will share insights on the latest trends and examples of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to agency new business development. We work in collaboration with your team to solve your new business challenges and our process leaves agency teams buzzing.

Workshop Topics

We are open to being approached by agencies with a variety of challenges. Most of which will likely fall into the below categories.

Don’t produce mediocre content. Make it powerful, thought provoking and relevant to client’s needs. This workshop will do the following…

  • Unpack what you want your content to achieve
  • Reveal what brands are currently looking for in your space (and where you can disrupt)
  • Ideate and develop some compelling content themes and topics for you to OWN!

If needed – we can then research and produce this content for you

We’ll use our unrivalled knowledge brand’s ‘agency engagement journey’ and map out where you can improve your visibility. Some of the areas the workshop covers are…

  • Immerse ourselves in your target audience.
  • Clarify your messaging themes.
  • Understanding your audiences challenges and how you can solve them.
  • Create a plan that increases your agency’s visibility with target prospects.

Following the workshop, Ingenuity will share a recommended multi-channel Agency visibility plan.

LinkedIn and ‘Social Selling’ is quickly becoming a key part of the channel strategy when it comes to driving new business opportunities.

There are various ways LinkedIn can be used, but like any channel strategy there’s no point doing just one of them in silos.

If you’re creating great content, you need a network to share it with, who will then share it with their network!

If you want to build your own brand, you need to create a dialogue with others in your industry to help people find you, and when they do land of your page, it needs to be polished and rich with content to establish credibility.

Before we start the session with will carry out an audit of your own LinkedIn profile and company page.

The workshop is then focus on three key areas:

  • Sales – building a network, utilising sales navigator, using InMail and 1:1 Prospecting plus hosting events.
  • Thought Leadership – Building your brand, creating dialogue online, raising an individual’s profile and using community pages.
  • Paid Adverts – Campaign types, targeting options, ad formats and key recommendations.

This session is an excellent way to get your team up to speed and using “the new business playground” in the most effective way.

Creds meetings, chemistry sessions, pitch presentations. Doing these types of meetings ‘virtually’ is something that agency teams need to nail….because they are here to stay. 

Ingenuity have orchestrated and been the fly on the wall in more virtual agency brand new business sessions than any other business globally in the last 14 months. We have gathered so much insight into what makes a successful, compelling and differentiated virtual meeting – it’s time to share the secrets. 

If you don’t think you’ve nailed the virtual meeting, this workshop will leave you in a place to nail them. 

15 years of watching what brands need from a marketing pov has helped us. However tomorrow it will be something new. Ingenuity understands that better than anyone. We are obsessed with what brands want tomorrow, and that has allowed us to offer product and positioning consultancy to agencies that keeps them relevant and at the forefront of what brands want. 

In all honesty – there is a lot of bullshit positioning consultants out there. If you don’t live and breathe the front line you won’t get it. We do. 

If you think you’re a bit out of touch or equally have plans to launch a new product – we can help ensure your both relevant and your new product smashes it. 


Dan and the team at Ingenuity helped us outline a plan to get our name out there and in front of decision makers that matter to our business. They got to know us, highlighted some clear gaps in our existing approach and gave us a roadmap to improve our brand visibility and stakeholder outreach.
James Dowell


Get in touch with Dan if you’re interested in attending an agency workshop.

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