27 Oct

Meet the team: Sasha Colvile, Brand Relations Manager at Ingenuity

Meet Sasha Colvile, Brand Relations Manager at Ingenuity.

Sasha has spent 365 days (Happy Anniversary!) at Ingenuity as a Brand Relations Manager in the events team.

1. How would you describe Ingenuity in just three words? 

Supportive, Fun, Kind.

2. What has been a standout moment work-wise for you whilst working here?

Helping the events team get the first virtual event off the ground after lockdown.

3. What social or company party has been your fave and why?

The ingenuity pub quiz. Pizza, quizzing and seeing your colleague’s competitive sides come out – what could be better?

4. What book or podcast would be number one on your recommended list and why?

‘Ways to Change the World’ – I love the range of guests and topics, from Killer Mike and El P, to Jacqueline Gold.

Can I also plug my podcast? ’The Fantasy Footy Podcast’, It’s all about the beautiful game of the beautiful game @fantasyfootypod.

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Cooking, making music and the theatre.

6. Who would be your three ideal dinner party guests and why?

  • My neighbour so I could ask them why they insist on playing loud music 24 hours a day.
  • My neighbour’s Landlord so I could convince them to evict my neighbour who insists on playing loud music 24 hours a day.
  • A therapist so I could get over my issue of my neighbour playing very loud music 24 hours a day.