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We create exclusive spaces for marketing professionals to come together digitally, and in person, to connect, network and collaborate.

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Get access to the latest resources, interviews, and thought-provoking content, featuring and curated by leading institutions, trade bodies, and marketers in the world of advertising.


Whether it’s breakfast, dinner, or drinks, join other marketing professionals and leading industry speakers at our networking events. Keep an eye on our events calendar to stay updated on our year-round activities.

Agency Intel

Ingenuity has access to unparalleled intel on the agency landscape, which we want to share with you. We specialise in helping brands find the right agencies when pitching, and community members get free access to our agency recommendation service, agency intel, and top 10 lists.

The Marketing Procurement Club

The Marketing Procurement Club is a community designed and built for procurement professionals. It’s where procurement teams and individuals come to learn, expand their skillset, network, discover new agencies, and celebrate the art of marketing procurement.

CMO of the Future

We want to give the next generation of CMOs a platform and voice to tell their story and learn from leading marketers in the industry. We have been talking to some of the most exciting brand and marketing managers, as part of the CMO of the Future content series, to hear about their experiences, thoughts on current trends, marketing challenges, and what will shape the future of marketing.

The PR Link

The PR Link is a community specifically built for PR professionals as a platform that offers a space to connect, discover trends and insights, and learn from like-minded professionals within the PR space.

Partnerships Connected

There is no sounding board for rights holders and brands to come together and understand what the other wants. That is where Partnerships Connected comes in. This Partnerships Community offers the opportunity to network, share insights and best practices, and truly understand what brands and rights holders want – all through content, insights, and quarterly networking events.

Want to find out more?Let's talk!
Want to find out more?Let's talk!
Want to find out more?Let's talk!