A business development service that fills the pipeline and secures new clients

Ingenuity knows what clients want from agencies better than anyone. This means our approach to helping agencies develop new client relationships is insight led and always on point. We’ll help you develop a killer new business plan, and we’ll activate it for you. Most importantly, it’s the right type of growth for your agency that’s always front of mind.

Lead Generation + Demand Generation

We’ll provide new business opportunities, and help you close them.

Imagine there are 10 stages to winning a new client and stage five is where you meet the client for the first time. Ingenuity’s Business Development function specialises in stages one to five. These are the stages that agency leaders tend to struggle with!

Our deep understanding of what clients want from agencies, mixed with our successful business development plans, equates to:

• Qualified new business opportunities with prospective clients
• Briefs, RFPs and pitch opportunities
• Realtime feedback on how brands are reacting to your proposition
• A nurtured pipeline of new business relationships
• Secured attendees at your own events or webinars

Let us build you a pipeline of opportunities and provide you with the intel and insight to close them.

Our Offering

Our business development plans can include the following.

Driving new opportunities

Your "most wanted" list

The first step to building any effective campaign is curating and agreeing on "a most wanted" list of prospects and brands suited to your offering. Our insight team is best placed to track triggers - movers and shakers, funding rounds, and roster shake ups - to reach out in a timely and intelligent way.

Targeted outbound campaigns

Using clever and commercially savvy content, we will develop a series of outbound campaigns to prospects that we know will be relevant. Acting as an extension of your team, we build the relationship on your behalf, qualify their brand challenges and secure meetings with desired prospects.

Owned events and LinkedIn

Two of the most powerful business development tools are owned events and LinkedIn. One of the best ways to use the content you create is to leverage it beyond your core channels. We can help you build a bespoke event or webinar schedule and ensure the right brands turn up to watch. We use the power of LinkedIn to target prospects in your network and distribute invites.