We drive agency fame & fortune via commercially minded PR

What makes our PR team unique? Our combination of marketing, national, and sector specific press expertise – fame and fortune. Fame-focused activity will increase your agency’s visibility, while fortune-focused activities directly align with and support your growth plans.

PR Services

Cutting through the noise

With so many brilliant agencies out there, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Effective PR solves this problem. You've got to be in it to win it – brands can't consider your agency if they haven't heard of you. Or if they have an out-of-date perception of who you are and what you offer. Commercially-minded coverage placed in the publications your target audience reads, and then amplified via your owned channels, has the power to supercharge your agency success.

Our Services

We deliver commercially-minded and brand challenge-led results for agencies that want to be seen.

Services tailored to you

Our Ecosystem

We draw on Ingenuity’s unique ecosystem to ensure our client's thought leadership is layered with industry insights and designed to address real brand challenges. This strategic approach involves creating commercially minded articles that position the agencies we collaborate with as the ideal partners for the brands they target. Our content writers, all former marketing journalists, bring a unique blend of exceptional copywriting skills and in-depth sector knowledge to the table.

Sector-Specific Expertise

Our sector specific media knowledge and contacts are (genuinely!) unrivalled - whatever sector you wish to target; we know the press you need to appear in. Coverage of this type is valuable marketing collateral, when amplified in the right way. As a PR division within a business development consultancy, we are better placed than anyone to advise you on how to utilise the coverage and content generated to directly support your growth objectives.

Integrated or Standalone PR Campaigns

We are able to plan and execute fame-focused PR campaigns in the same way as any standalone PR agency, or we can integrate directly and seamlessly with your business development team - whatever your preference. We live and breathe agencies. Our PR team only works with agencies - we truly understand your sector and know the importance of tier one marketing press to your agency reputation.