Marketing Ecosystem Consultancy

The performance of a brand's marketing function relies upon the structure and capability of the internal team, the quality and design of the agency roster, and the effectiveness of collaboration between the internal and external teams. Ingenuity offers brand consultancy services to ensure all the above factors are at the optimal level.

Making sure your marketing ecosystem fits your business needs and objectives.

Keeping up with your customer’s changing behaviours is a job in and of itself. Building and maintaining an agency model to match these changes is then equally challenging.

Technology is changing the agency model as we know it. There are efficiencies (and savings!) to be made, but where to start? How could your internal team reflect these changes better? You know the emerging disciplines, but who are the agencies that specialise in them? What are your competitors doing that you are not?

Every marketing team and the agency model that supports them could be better. Ingenuity helps you ensure they are better.


Here are some of the key areas we specialise in

Why Ingenuity is best positioned to help

The Outside In

When it comes to marketing ecosystems, having a consultant that can bring the outside in is priceless. Ingenuity’s knowledge of the brand world is second to none. We know the models that work and why. Although every brand is different and unique, seeing what others are doing and have done is incredibly useful.

Access to Industry Experts

We have access to leading procurement experts in the industry, which helps keep us ahead of the game when it comes to helping brands manage their agency ecosystem.

Modern Approach

Ingenuity is renowned for our knowledge of the most up to date trends in the marketing industry. Often, that can mean technology and how it helps brands drive efficiencies in their marketing ecosystems. Futureproofing is key, and something we specialise in.