Strawberries & Creem | Brand Partnerships


To grow a hugely popular, up-and-coming festival property to the brand market. Prior to working with Ingenuity in 2020, S&C Productions had very small exposure to brands and a small black book. After just two festival seasons and two solid years of working with Ingenuity Partnerships, they have successfully developed a marquee brand portfolio and case history. They now work with brands that help them access youth audiences through physical activations.

Our Strategy

We took to market the wonderful story behind the boutique festival, while softly promoting the UN Charter Partnership which focusses on 'Safe spaces for women at festivals and the wider community’. We also focused on the 50/50 equal pay for artists and hero messaging around Strawberries & Creem's proposition, securing an array of Brand Activation, VIP Sponsorship, and wider strategic promotional partners.


£250,000+ of sponsorship generated over two seasons.