Brand Partnerships

Ingenuity has a network like no other, which includes brand marketers who focus on Partnership marketing. We are the go-to destination for commercial and leading marketers who want to initiate Brand Partnerships and form new, long-term valuable brand relationships.

What we offer

Our Brand Partnership sales service allows commercial and modern marketers the opportunity to tap into the market, discover strategic and commercial alliance that underpin common business, marketing and ancillary commercial needs.  

If you’re a leader who requires support in driving new brand relationships, our Partnerships team offers a unique service to support yours in developing a partnership strategy, a go-to-market sales plan, targeting methodology and messaging. 

We then provide a team to activate this and secure new relationships with brands through our data, insights and black book.  

Throughout working with us, you will obtain new relationship, partners and a new view on the brand market.  

Where we Succeed

We have direct experience in developing Partnerships that sit across, loyalty, consumer promotions, B2B Corporate Sales, Sponsorship, Licensing and Branded Content. Our services see Ingenuity as a unique consultancy that works as an intermediary between you and your key brand partnership target audience. 

Our cross media experience has seen us sell many different types of Brand Partnerships, they typically sit within one of the following pillars: 


Here’s a nice cross section of our clients…

What we do

Our commercially focused brand partnerships team owns special relationships with brands and better allows us to understand what they are trying to achieve and how they may be able to add value through partnerships and collaborations. 

Whilst we retain the strategy and connections of the traditional partnership agency, we tee you up for success by booking qualified meetings with the right contacts, for your team to attend and strike the deal. We own data on over 130,000 marketers and our black book spans 15 years. 

How it works

There are three ways we help you obtain brand partnership opportunities… 

We take on your identity and carry out a lead generation programme to book meeting opportunities for you with potential brand partners. This means we take on all of the time-consuming admin (targeting, emails, calls, content distribution etc). 

We can use our network to introduce you directly to potential partners. Our brand network trusts us to spot where great ‘partner potential’ is a possibility. 

We organise events for you to attend and meet prospective partners. 


We enjoyed a superb working relationship with the Ingenuity team. Their role was to create sponsorship leads for RLWC2021, and they were certainly an extension of our team who understood our narrative and proposition, and played a crucial role in securing Cazoo as our principal sponsor.
Jonathan Neill, Commercial Director
We would highly recommend the Ingenuity team.  Their proactive approach to the identifying and sourcing of brand partners has proven to deliver interesting leads across a huge variety of sectors, and most importantly resulted in positive outcomes with the generation of new business.  On top of this, the team are a pleasure to deal with, which always helps for on-going regular relations as this partnership requires.
George Wood, Managing Director
Ingenuity have been a great support to our business, helping to connect us with relevant and high-level partners that have translated in to some really fruitful relationships and promotions. The team at Ingenuity are dedicated, motivated and adaptable, and became almost an extended part of our team during the time we worked together. We would be happy to recommend their services to any business looking for a helping hand in connecting their brands with the right partners.
Isobel Richardson, Head of Brand Management - Penguin Ventures
We've been working with the team at Ingenuity recently on a number of high level commercial projects. The Ingenuity team have consistently delivered excellent results, working seamlessly with various members of our team to ensure they go over and above our expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hugo, Chris and the Ingenuity team and hope to continue our excellent working relationship.
Donald Young, Head of Partnerships
Ingenuity’s ability to open doors within the brand market is fantastic. They have supported our partnerships team in prospecting our unique proposition to other brands that have the same marketing agendas. We feel that they have been a valued resource to our team and we would strongly recommend them to another brand who seeks to meet other brands to form creative partnerships.
James Walker, Marketing Director
We hired Ingenuity to aid with our client prospecting, they worked behind the scenes setting up numerous meetings with key marketing decision makers. We feel that they have been a valued resource to our team and we would absolutely recommend them to another brand who seeks to meet brands to form creative partnerships.
Michael Kalli, Head of Corporate Sales & Advertising
Chris and the team supported our partner acquisition strategy at Virgin Red. Chris proved himself to be very fast in interpreting the brief, quick to deliver high quality meetings and relentlessly enthusiastic in all interactions. Highly recommended for partnership/B2B lead generation projects.
Nick Bareham, Commercial Director


Get in touch with Chris if you’d like to chat through more details on this service.

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